Monday, 2 April 2012

~Baby Blanket~

Well, not a lot of knitting has been happening, at least not until a day or two ago... I've bought some yarn and started work on a baby blanket.
Trying to find just the right one to make was the hardest part so far. I do not like the typical or simple styles.. so finding one unique and one of a kind (hehe right...) was a huge must for me. If I'm going to go through the process of making and gifting a baby blanket it has got to have that certain "brag" factor to it... It's got to be something they will look at time and again and be talked about time and again (all for the right reasons of course).
I think I have found just that.. and here it is....

And here is the one I am working on...

Well, this is how far I've gotten :)

Hmmm.... I've just noticed something about mine in comparison the the other one... ugh. Well, pretty sure it will turn out really great anyway... and I don't think I want to take it all out just for the reason I have found, considering I don't believe it will cause any problems if I just continue on.

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