Friday, 16 March 2012

~ Nothing New ~

OK, so I've been a little pre-occupied with breaking the bank on some sewing... Not on purpose of course, but still getting close lol.

Still working on my knitting here and there, but really excited to get some summer dresses on the go. Have finished one, and will have two more to do once I find some tables to work on, or my back decides it will co-operate :(

Just finished up a baby sock last night, thank heavens I'm making some progress on them little puppies.. got another half dozen to go... I suppose if I get that many out of the yarn.

Working on a cool pair of bright green socks. I didn't design the pattern but it will at least make it a quick project (I wont have to figure out a design lol).

Also been working on a sock pattern.. It seems to be looking all right, a little plain as far as I can tell... but should at least look nice when finished. I sure do need to get my hands on a book I found a few months back, still cursing myself for leaving my money at home :( Trying to come up with ideas at times is like pulling teeth from someone with lock jaw...

Still working on a slightly over sized shawl... and oh I think it will be quite over sized... but slightly what I'm going for.. just might be a little too over sized lol... still contemplating how many rows, if any, I want to skip.

And oh the many more projects I've been working on and slowly finishing... The trick is to get them finished... priority!!! What to get done first...

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