Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Today does not look as though it is going to knit filled..

I just got back from having my first wisdom tooth extraction lol... what fun it was.. and still concerned about the night before...

There was an explosion at one of our mills.. scary stuff considering it was loud enough that not only did we think someone ran into our house, but at the very least someone just broke it... Really was too loud for someone to have only broken in.. but at the time that was our first thought. After checking into it further and finding nothing.. we headed outside to find a huge black plume of smoke rising up from the other end of town.. There were rumours of a restaurant blowing up.. but it was one of the mills.. I don't know how many casualties.. but they did say they found everyone that was there, than goodness.. But I also know there were some deaths.. and that is always tragic to hear..

So, other than that, I don't know that I will pick up the knitting today.. at least not just yet.

My prayers will certainly be going out to the families who have suffered from this..

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