Thursday, 16 February 2012

~ Not quite forgotten.. ~

OK, so I've kind of forgotten about my blog :( Was on a bit of a kick with a new game I got... and sort of let my knitting slide a little... But! I'm back on the knitting train and have gotten over half way through one of these mittens.. Instead of red I'm working with pink, and it's really kinda cool. I love the way things take such different turns when you substitute only one colour.. it changes things so much with such a simple change.
I've also got to get some baby socks done soon too... but instead of socks I think I'm going to do some booties instead. I don't think I will be able to get decent socks for such a tiny little kiddo out of this yarn. Very cute yarn for sure, but there just isn't enough stretch to it to convince me to make socks. I think booties are a better call. And I think I know just the ones!
And oh this yarn is just kicking me in the butt... I still have a pair of fingerless mittens.. or maybe two... I keep finding more of this stuff kicking about under my desk! I just cant seem to get away from it.
Also needing to finish a pair of socks for both my boys... wound up falling short on the second pair and well, it still needs a toe! There is also a pack of sock yarn I'm still dying to dig into.. going to keep saving it though until I am done with all these other projects I have on the go. Once they are done, you'd better believe I will be back into a crazed sock frenzy! Going to have to get my hands on a book full of knitting stitches, from simple patterns to lace and cables! My brain draws a blank if I don't have some sort of reference material to look over once in a while.
Cant wait... and I will definitely keep posting pics as I finish up my projects. I will post one of the mittens side by side so you can see them both. They are turning out just so awesome!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

~ One pair down, one to go ~

Whoa!! Never thought I would ever get these started or finished! But here they are... now just to tackle the other pair...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Well, I think it is safe to say, it's safe to start work on something more intricate! Back to my mittens... well, OK.. so after the laundry is folded I will get back to my mittens.

Monday, 6 February 2012

~Laundry Day~

I have decided, that since I have to keep an eye on my laundry (gotta love neighbours), I am going to work on a much simpler project... At least during laundry day! I'm a bit miffed that because I have to babysit my laundry, I cant really concentrate on a more tedious project... sadly my colour work will have to wait.. So, until this laundry is finished, I have decided to work on another shawl... Sadly I do not have the colour or the fibre I want to work with, but this will at least keep my busy in the mean time.. Oh ya, and I suppose that I had better get some more dishes done too... especially since my husband will want some coffee later! No mugs is a very sad thing when one wants coffee... lol

I will try my best to post some pictures of this shawl as I go...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

~ Oh precious sleep ~

Yarg, so tired today... gotta love neighbours once they know they are evicted :( No sleep yet again...

However, on the bright side of things... I am so very close to finishing one pair of mittens... and oh boy are they just awesome... I did wind up messing up the needle size for the cuff :( Thankfully the needles were only off by the smallest bit, still crummy but at least it is so close that unless you were a knitter, you wouldn't notice a thing.. so, I will turn a blind eye to it this once... cause oh is it ever eating at me lol.

As tired as I am, I think I will keep pushing to finish these as soon as I can. And even though I have muddled up the gauge on one cuff, I am still feeling optimistic about how they will turn out.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh blunder!! What on earth is wrong with my brain!!!
All points to me having used the right size needles and gauge... but looking over my notes, I have my doubts... However, when I stretch the wrist of the mittens out, while holding them stacked on top of each other, they do stretch out the same distance, which leads me to believe I have used the same size needles for both mittens... but they are just so close, and my notes are off...

Ah what do to...

I have decided that since I have already cut my yarn and they have passed the stretch test (silly maybe), I will just continue on and finished them up. Then, when I start the second pair... I will re-write my notes!

And oh yay!!! Going to head over to the fabric store to see what they have in the way of flannel.. or very very light weight fleece... We will just have to see what they have... If nothing else, I really hope they have black! Because oh boy, I think I will  be right ticked if they do not have a really nice deep red and bright pink (not light, med bright!).

I will show you with a picture what I am planning on doing. But until then, you will just have to work your minds with great creativity and the like... Oh this is going to be great! I'm almost jealous of the people who will soon receive these mittens... They are just turning out so great... (dint jinx it!). Though, I am so very greatly pleased that I get to knit them up, witnessing the transformation from balls of yarn to the wonderful works of art they will become... That is by far the greatest reward!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

~ Brain Fart ~

Well way to go me! Like a fool I went and forgot which needles I was using for these mittens I'm trying to get done. Oddly enough though, I can remember quite well the needle size I used for the first pair I made... though, I know I made a few modifications for the next pair. They turned out great, but now that I am on the second one, my brain has hit some sort of block.... Oh the horror!!

Im going to keep at it though, because I really need to get them done.. and who knows. Perhaps it is something as simple as needing a good nights sleep for once. Have not had one of those in the past two months... Thank you so much dear neighbors...

So, for now that is all I gues... Nothing more to say, so I will get back to these mittens and try to figure them out!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

~ Play'n Catch Up ~

OK, so about two days ago now, I received my second box of yarn.. Small yes, but still greatly awaited. I had two hanks of Knit Picks - Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dyed yarn.. in Cherry Cordial and Sweet Shoppe. Both of which were to be knit up into winter hats.. One for myself and the other for my daughter... Poor girl anyway. She has been trying to sport this very small toque for too long. She had received a really nice toque for Christmas but somehow has managed to loose it on the ride home that very same day! So she was back to sporting the very tiny one... at least until now!

Here is a picture of mine... I will re-post a pic with both of them together soon as I can.

Also finished one out of the mittens I've been working on. I still have the other three to go...