Monday, 30 April 2012

Where is Merlin when you need him?

Oh it would be so great to have him kicking around when you are just feeling too lazy to knit, but desperately wanting to finish up a number of projects!

I have, like a complete nut, decided I would knit Christmas gifts this year... early start for sure! There are over a dozen people on my main list alone... and that is not including my parents, siblings or siblings families!!! This list consists of my husbands side of the family and our kids only!!!
I definitely love the big family, but when it comes to knitting for them all and making deadlines... ugh!!! I've almost scared myself straight.. but I cant bring myself to knit goodies for some and not others :(

I will most likely be putting on hold projects for others... (maybe :p ) until I'm well on my way to getting all these others done... I do admit I have a huge time frame to work in.. and if I keep at it, I should at the very least get a pair of socks or mittens done in the span of a week. Give or take a few days depending on the size and detail of each project...

Considering that I'm pretty sure none of them, aside from my parents (mainly my mom), will be peeking at my blog... so as long as I keep it pretty vague until the big day, I'm sure I can give you all a sneak peak into what I've got planned.

For all the little kids, consisting of about... oh eight of them, will get generic socks or mittens. For the older kids (three of them), I'm thinking more intricate socks or mittens..
My sister-in law.. who just so happens to be about half my age.. so funny trying to explain that one to people.. I'm going to make her a pair of bright green ascks.. She loves the neon greens and I believe oranges (blue is just ugly, according to her). So I got a green that is as bright as possible, keeping in mind I can't exactly spend $20 or more on each person.. My husband would probably feint at the idea.
As for my husband himself.. he was a tire guy until sadly, the company was bought up and the new owners ran themselves into such a dept that they had to bail... So, I figured if I could find just the right (gotta be an easy one) tread from a tire.. I would work it into a cable pattern on a pair of socks for him. If I can get it to look like a tread  pattern, he would definitely get a kick out of it.

As for the rest.. mostly socks.. a nice pair of in a pink and black...

So here is hoping I can manage to get them done this year!!!

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