Wednesday, 13 February 2013

So excited!!! Just got my camera back this afternoon and have taken a few pics of my yarn.. I guess I'm kinda turning into a huge yarn geek ha ha..

So, here are the pics of my yarn as promised...

OK, so aside from the very very first two balls of yarn.. this is what I've got spun and dyed!

Here is my latest creation!! I have no idea what colour to go with, yellow or orange.. Kind of a really nice mix of the two.. and very sunny and bright!

This is what my pot of muck turned into!!! Even though it is very dark, I am really loving it! Love how the colours range from purples to grey/purples.. It really turned out great.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oh the horror... at least that is how my last week has felt. Never forget your camera!! It has been torture not being able to get a decent picture of any of my work over the past week and a half...

My latest project, aside from the usual socks here and there, is a very bright and cheerful orange/yellow roving.. I bought it bare, left it kicking around for a while.. and voila!! Decided that since my last batch that I dyed turned out really neat, though a little dark for my taste, that I really wanted to give it another go.

This round of dyeing just didn't want to cooperate with me though.. I knew I would be kicking myself for not writing down the exact steps I took the last time, because oh look! I forgot :(
So, after a couple of attempts to figure out what I had done wrong, I decided there wouldn't be much harm in leaving it longer.. and, as per usual, I forgot all about it! Thankfully though, rather than having a muddy white, it turned out to be more of a cotton candy tangerine sort of bright... a colour I would never ever choose.. so much for a sunny yellow (another colour I'm uncertain of)...

Why am I so afraid of bright colours? Honestly, I really don't know.. though I do secretly admire them from afar. I would never choose them for myself. Personally I lean more towards the colours found in nature.. not spring colours... but summer and autumn.. a huge colour range really, just not a lot of really bright colours.
Anyway, aside from all that colour talk, it really is a joy to look at... only one problem. Do I keep it all to myself and struggle endlessly to find something to make out of it, or do I try and sell it?? I'm sure I would be happy with it sitting on the shelf, but what a disappointment that would be.. such a bright and gorgeous colour going to waste holding dust down on the shelf :(

I suppose once I'm done.. I will have to package up what spun yarn I've finished and ship it over to my sister-in law.. Get her to try and sell it for me.. at least until I have managed to get over my lack of tech know how, and manage to get myself set up to sell it through my own site.

And yes, once I manage to get my hands on my camera again, I will definitely be posting pics of this delightfully cheery yarn! It's definitely a must see!! :)