Friday, 27 April 2012

It appears I am going to a busy little knitter once again... Along with all the baby socks I have in the works, I have finally decided to haul out the socks I was making for my son. I ran short and never did finish the second sock.. what a pity too... but I did manage to get them done today!
After giving them to my son, his little brother was in such distress because he didn't have any socks! So I took him downstairs to my stash and pulled out the ball of yarn for his socks. After a bit of convincing that he too would have some socks knit, he was so excited about it. Soon enough though, he was back to bugging his brother, wanting those socks.. and what a sweet boy, he took them off and gave them to his little brother! And now, they are off playing with ants... So, all is well that ends well :)

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