Saturday, 20 January 2018

Quilt 2

Been a while since I've uploaded anything and currently having issues trying to get pics of my knitting transferred from my phone to my computer... so.. here is another quilt I'm currently working on...
This is just a test block but a good view of what the finished quilt will look like.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Quilting!?!...well maybe just a little...

Well ok this really isn't knitting or crocheting but as it turns out ive needed to change things up a bit. Been having inspirational problems and such...

Soooo... this is what Ive decided to tackle. A queen sized quilt!! A what?!?!?!?! I'm sure your scratching your head wondering what on earth is wrong with me. Or maybe your not, maybe this too is as exciting to you as it has become for me..

This is in fact the very second attempt at a quilt ever!!! The first was a very failed and botched attempt way back before I had my first child.. who is now happily creating slight havoc as a teen! Wow time sure fly's!! Anyway, that one thankfully got somewhat destroyed when she was a toddler.. still have it but thankfully it wont turn into a beloved heirloom hahaha.

So this is really my second attempt and honestly have never really tried much in the way of quilting.. or quilting techniques! Which means this is my first try at free motion quilting.

What is that you might ask? Well the best I can describe (and the pics to follow will show) is rather than straight forward or backward sewing you basically get to sew in any direction and any given time you wish! Its really really cool!! And yes, keep in mind that this honestly is the very first time ive attempted to do this and I didn't even know that I had the tools needed. Best day ever! I found out while digging through my sewing goodies that I have a quilting foot... didn't even have to spend a penny on it either!! Thank you Mom for hitting up that estates sale. She is the one I must give absolute credit to since I would not have such sweet machines for sewing. Plus all the goodies that came with it! So before I go on... Thank you Mom!! You are literally the greatest ever!!!

So like a fool rushing into a quilt, there are far better ways, I pieced together each square!! Why on earth didn't I cut strips of fabric and sew them together then cute them in strips and sew them together again!?!?!

I guess I'm just nuts! Or maybe I just like to add to the work pile hahaha. Anyway, regardless of the work, it still worked! Could have been easier but it was fun to decide the random placements of colour. This pic is just a tiny look at it, one of the more boring spots but still a good look...
No here it is again but in this pic I'm roughly close to half way done the top. Oh!! I guess I should also note that all this fabric was kind of on the slightly sort of free side because it was all given to me or left overs from sewing projects over the years.

Unfortunately I did run a little low on the orange :(  so I started adding to the other side which helped to centre the orange rather than leave it hanging out on just one side.
Here is my nasty little kitty, she's mean.. doesn't look like it but she is. Cute too! Anyway, here she sits on one corner. This quilt was made to fit my bed.. and that is a queen size so why in the world would I start with a queen sized quilt?!?! Like I said, I must be nuts!

Anyway, the only things I bought for this quilt was fabric for the boarder and backing as well as the batting. Oh and thread.
And here it is all sandwiched together and ready to pin, baste or whatever..

Looks pretty badass eh!

Ok, so like I said this really is my first attempt at a real quilt and only second in general. And I've decided to try my hand at free motion quilting.

Ok!!! good thing I tried a practice run, or two! Not that they helped me much hahaha.
Not sure if my first or second attempt is better hahahaha. Ok so neither was very good honestly. And as usual I was getting impatient..

Bad idea...

I had to get to work, so, against better judgement I went to it. I got my sewing machine ready, tossed the quilt in there (rather struggled like a fool) and began!
Bad pic I know, but you can still see it! Not so bad. I mean yeah it looks like I was drunk and sneezed a few times but its not too bad!

One thing I wish I did though was do this upside down. As in sew on the black rather than the fabric of the top... I cant see my stitching as well as id like on top, the bottom.. well you can't beat black and white for a contrast! Ah the fun...

I'm on a break however, since I have a few bugs to work out. Best to take a break rather than break your toys.. After having a few needles break and hit my face, yikes!! A break it is!!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Table Runner

I know what you might be thinking... This has nothing to do with knit or crochet, and you are kind of right. At least so far. Plan is to join each peace using circle motifs and edging. Now here's hoping that it doesn't turn into another botched project... Cause I'm getting sick of those hahaha.

 This is what I started with. Size 10 crochet cotton and some left overs from a curtain project a few years ago. These pieces actually came from the bottom part of a friends curtains. One of the perks of hemming curtains, you're free to keep the trimmings and finally I found a project to use them up.
 I drew up a quick pattern. Basically a rectangle with quarter circles cut out of the corners. Plus steam allowance.
 Sew around all edges leaving a small hole.
 First make sure to clip off corners and snip tiny notches on the curved edges.
 Turn them right side out.
 Iron each piece.
At this point you will want to sew up the time hole you left. I am rather lazy when it comes to that so I simply did two rows stitching.

.... And that's as far as I've gotten. I will have to add photos as I go. Like I said.. Here's hoping it doesn't turn into a total bust and never get finished.

Monday, 12 January 2015

 Both pairs were knit using some of my hands pun wool. The pair on the left was done to use up left over yarn and the pair on the right... Let's just say that sweater I'd planned on making never got done. Easter colours are just not my thing. Unfortunately for me I'd already dyed all my yarn before I realized the blunder.
 Can not wait for these to be done! Decided that I am going to get around to making myself a pair of mitts. I make them for everyone else and each year I freeze my hands off...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New (old) Toy

Getting started; Base and first coat of black. I am leaving the rest unpainted wood and will be finishing that with a nice coat of wax. The wheel and tredle will be decorated further once I either find my brushes or break down and buy new ones. And when I find just the right design.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Colours simply for fun!

A first look at the yarn. Only a two ply and looks kinda cool.

Started this yarn out with coloured rolags and spun in random order. Causing a bit of a colour block effect on the bobbins. You can see this in the second picture.

I'm going to have to say this yarn has a rather rustic look and feel, though it is a bit loftly or plush? for a 2ply. The colours have a sort of country'ish feel/look to them.

It was fun. I certainly do like how this yarn turned out.