Friday, 13 April 2012

~ Lazy Dayz ~

OK, so seriously, nothing new at this point... got me a hang up here. I haven't been working on my kitting for the past week and probably wont be for another week and a half... oh sad days ahead :(

Got me this most delightful wisdom tooth though.. seems to be begging for some attention, and oh is it going to get it! Will thankfully be going in to get a check up (been a while), and hopefully have the damn thing ripped out while I'm at it. Perhaps if I put up a fuss and whine and cry about it they will take pity on me? Or maybe they will just have to take a look at it... Either way, they will most definitely ask me how on earth I've lived with it so long without doing anything... Funny thing is its only started to fall apart on me about a month ago.. I think?

I mean who needs these teeth anyway? And here I go, ranting about a wisdom tooth in serious need of a yank on my knitting blog! Oh wow, I must be losing my mind lol.

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