Saturday, 28 May 2011

Well, just had to do it.. Start working on another pair of socks. The original plan for this yarn for was a few different pairs of socks. I just couldn't get them going so I tossed the yarn into my ever growing stash to await its day in the sun. So, here we are now... I wasn't sure if the colours would work together just right, but the combination is really starting to grow on me.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

orange marmalade..

OK, would post a few pics if my camera and computer would just co-operate.. but sadly, they wont.
decided i would try my hand at making some orange marmalade... was off to a good start, however, been wondering when on earth its going to do what its supposed to do. If i didn't want to so bad i may just be tempted to wast my poor oranges, maybe turn them into some other Frankenstein treat of sorts... Gah... why its not working i don't know... perhaps its just because i want orange marmalade so bad. :P

Thursday, 19 May 2011

to cut or not to cut...

OK, so I decided to go ahead and cut and weave in the ends of the strand of yarn I carried for the first two rows... sadly no pictures. But, I am happy to say it worked out pretty well... held together just fine. Got a few more rows to go before I begin the heel and will be almost home free. And just in time too... for summer lol.. well, at least they will be ready and waiting to keep my tootsies nice and toasty when winter hits again.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Woo hoo!!! finaly, almost home free!!!
AH CRAP!!! WHY!!???
Ok, so I've hit a problem... think back to the crossroads...
I guess to make much sense here, I have to throw some detail into this rant... one might just say "sweet, your almost done, what on earth could be the problem?".. well, here it is... I got started with this awesome cuff.. well, after having to start it over the first go. But, here I sit, perfect cuff... almost done.. fits perfectly... save for one thing :(
One of my strands i carried across the back.... too tight!!!!
So, you see my problem... do I rip it all out to the cuff and start over, swearing repeatedly while i do so, or just continue on "ignorance is bliss" and try to fix it later. How so? Well, simply put, go back and cut the thread and weave it in allowing the much desired and greatly needed stretch a sock should have in order to fit over your calf.. hopefully not causing any structural issues with the sock itself... wouldn't want the damn thing to fall apart on me at any point..