Saturday, 20 October 2012

DPN's VS 2 Circular Needles

Decided to take another stab at knitting two at a time socks using two circular needles... What a mouth full!!

Though I am really starting to enjoy getting both socks knit at the same time... meaning they will both get done at the same time and I wont have to knit the second sock!!

I am however, finding it to be insanely  fiddly compared to using dpn's. I'm sure this can be explained away though, since I did learn to knit socks using dpn's, and really, it didn't start out so well either. So, I will keep plugging away at this pair of socks until they are done before I make up a final decision on using two circular needles.

Though this will bring about a whole other serious debate... how well will it work with stranded colour work?? I do have to admit that the thought sort of scares me off a little....

Aside from all this yarn I have on the way, I have already planned out another project. Not that I enjoy being ridiculously cold, but I have kind of been looking forward to winter... you know, nice cosy pair of wool socks. Now I just love the pair I made myself last year, , but I really want another pair... The first pair was made out of 100% wool, meaning they have to be hand washed... and though this doesn't necessarily scare me off, but that wool just doesn't seem to have as much bounce/stretch to it as the merino wools I've been working with... So, I really have to dive in and make another pair. However, a few slight changes to the pattern are in order. I am thinking longer socks this time... I know, where on earth would I wear them? I don't know!! I just want them! Maybe I will just have to make a few pairs?

Well, I'm not all that sure what else to rant on about... so I'm off to work on these socks some more... struggle away with those circular needles lol.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

As always, busy finishing up projects and adding more to the pile.

More yarn is on it's way... Will be making some mittens/gloves for Christmas gifts... Been working on spinning some yarn too. I think that will be a gift for someone as well. Just trying a little something different in order to mix the two colours together. I will post all the pics of the step by step process I am using to achieve what I am hope full after. Fingers crossed it will work out.

And very excited! I just finished up a pair of socks for myself. It's been a while since Ive made myself a pair of socks, so I had to treat myself to some.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So I have been busying my hands trying desperatly to make Christmas gifts for family/friends.. and there is a LOT of them :) And I'm really not sure I will even get a quarter of the way through them this year... a little disapointing, but atleast there is always next year!

Considering all the work I've been doing too, I have decided to treat myself to a new pair of socks as well... Been eyeing up a certain pattern for a while now and since I have a handful of sock yarn littering my home now, I am going to make them! I will certainly be posting a pic of them the further I get with them... I am so excited for new socks.. It is funny the things you just love and can't get enough of as you get older... I just love socks! Silly for sure, but still love socks :p

Friday, 5 October 2012

Alright.. so I'm not so much a scarf person as a cowl person. Why? Well, I really don't know.. I decided to rip back the scarf I had been working on before I had gotten any further with it. Wanted to avoid as much guilt over wasted time as possible. Mind you, finding out what you would rather have and seeking it out before wasting it, isn't much of a waste of time :)

I will get some pictures up of the new cowl as soon as I get my butt into gear. This lack of sleep, mass quantities of canned good and weather are just not working with me :( The change in season just doesn't seem to be in the mood for creeping in slowly... Lot's of fog and cold crispness in the morning... winter is poking it's foot in the door... Nice incentive to get working on the cold weather knits I suppose :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

OK, I'm doing terribly at keeping my blog up to date :( But in my defense, I have been doing a ton of canning... and oh how tiring it has been.

I did however, get two pairs of mittens done (save for a thumb on one), one of the very secret socks I've been working on.. and yes, very secret until Christmas... and it's killing me! I want to show them off so badly... and I think everyone that comes over is getting sick of seeing it lol.. Soon though, and if I manage to convince myself to get it written into a pattern and sent away to my most favourite yarn shop, It will (in my dreams of course) be chosen to sell in their store of independent designers... I know, I'm kind of getting ahead of myself, but I am just too excited about this pair of socks...

And before I forget about my hand spun yarn I've been working on... I've started to knit a scarf out of it... was kind of on my "To Knit" list. Very nice scarf.. but I'm starting to fear that this is just not the right yarn for the job... I'm still very mixed on that.. but here is a teaser of it so far...

So.. what do you think? I'm kind of unsure about it really.. I do love the first part of it.. maybe I will turn it into a cowl or shawl or maybe something of the sort... Oh decisions!

Right!! I almost forgot to post the pic! Decided I would rip out the scarf and start on a different one... more or less a huge cosy cowl. So here is the pic of it!