Saturday, 4 February 2012

~ Oh precious sleep ~

Yarg, so tired today... gotta love neighbours once they know they are evicted :( No sleep yet again...

However, on the bright side of things... I am so very close to finishing one pair of mittens... and oh boy are they just awesome... I did wind up messing up the needle size for the cuff :( Thankfully the needles were only off by the smallest bit, still crummy but at least it is so close that unless you were a knitter, you wouldn't notice a thing.. so, I will turn a blind eye to it this once... cause oh is it ever eating at me lol.

As tired as I am, I think I will keep pushing to finish these as soon as I can. And even though I have muddled up the gauge on one cuff, I am still feeling optimistic about how they will turn out.

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