Thursday, 2 February 2012

~ Brain Fart ~

Well way to go me! Like a fool I went and forgot which needles I was using for these mittens I'm trying to get done. Oddly enough though, I can remember quite well the needle size I used for the first pair I made... though, I know I made a few modifications for the next pair. They turned out great, but now that I am on the second one, my brain has hit some sort of block.... Oh the horror!!

Im going to keep at it though, because I really need to get them done.. and who knows. Perhaps it is something as simple as needing a good nights sleep for once. Have not had one of those in the past two months... Thank you so much dear neighbors...

So, for now that is all I gues... Nothing more to say, so I will get back to these mittens and try to figure them out!

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