Thursday, 16 February 2012

~ Not quite forgotten.. ~

OK, so I've kind of forgotten about my blog :( Was on a bit of a kick with a new game I got... and sort of let my knitting slide a little... But! I'm back on the knitting train and have gotten over half way through one of these mittens.. Instead of red I'm working with pink, and it's really kinda cool. I love the way things take such different turns when you substitute only one colour.. it changes things so much with such a simple change.
I've also got to get some baby socks done soon too... but instead of socks I think I'm going to do some booties instead. I don't think I will be able to get decent socks for such a tiny little kiddo out of this yarn. Very cute yarn for sure, but there just isn't enough stretch to it to convince me to make socks. I think booties are a better call. And I think I know just the ones!
And oh this yarn is just kicking me in the butt... I still have a pair of fingerless mittens.. or maybe two... I keep finding more of this stuff kicking about under my desk! I just cant seem to get away from it.
Also needing to finish a pair of socks for both my boys... wound up falling short on the second pair and well, it still needs a toe! There is also a pack of sock yarn I'm still dying to dig into.. going to keep saving it though until I am done with all these other projects I have on the go. Once they are done, you'd better believe I will be back into a crazed sock frenzy! Going to have to get my hands on a book full of knitting stitches, from simple patterns to lace and cables! My brain draws a blank if I don't have some sort of reference material to look over once in a while.
Cant wait... and I will definitely keep posting pics as I finish up my projects. I will post one of the mittens side by side so you can see them both. They are turning out just so awesome!

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