Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh blunder!! What on earth is wrong with my brain!!!
All points to me having used the right size needles and gauge... but looking over my notes, I have my doubts... However, when I stretch the wrist of the mittens out, while holding them stacked on top of each other, they do stretch out the same distance, which leads me to believe I have used the same size needles for both mittens... but they are just so close, and my notes are off...

Ah what do to...

I have decided that since I have already cut my yarn and they have passed the stretch test (silly maybe), I will just continue on and finished them up. Then, when I start the second pair... I will re-write my notes!

And oh yay!!! Going to head over to the fabric store to see what they have in the way of flannel.. or very very light weight fleece... We will just have to see what they have... If nothing else, I really hope they have black! Because oh boy, I think I will  be right ticked if they do not have a really nice deep red and bright pink (not light, med bright!).

I will show you with a picture what I am planning on doing. But until then, you will just have to work your minds with great creativity and the like... Oh this is going to be great! I'm almost jealous of the people who will soon receive these mittens... They are just turning out so great... (dint jinx it!). Though, I am so very greatly pleased that I get to knit them up, witnessing the transformation from balls of yarn to the wonderful works of art they will become... That is by far the greatest reward!

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