Monday, 1 October 2012

OK, I'm doing terribly at keeping my blog up to date :( But in my defense, I have been doing a ton of canning... and oh how tiring it has been.

I did however, get two pairs of mittens done (save for a thumb on one), one of the very secret socks I've been working on.. and yes, very secret until Christmas... and it's killing me! I want to show them off so badly... and I think everyone that comes over is getting sick of seeing it lol.. Soon though, and if I manage to convince myself to get it written into a pattern and sent away to my most favourite yarn shop, It will (in my dreams of course) be chosen to sell in their store of independent designers... I know, I'm kind of getting ahead of myself, but I am just too excited about this pair of socks...

And before I forget about my hand spun yarn I've been working on... I've started to knit a scarf out of it... was kind of on my "To Knit" list. Very nice scarf.. but I'm starting to fear that this is just not the right yarn for the job... I'm still very mixed on that.. but here is a teaser of it so far...

So.. what do you think? I'm kind of unsure about it really.. I do love the first part of it.. maybe I will turn it into a cowl or shawl or maybe something of the sort... Oh decisions!

Right!! I almost forgot to post the pic! Decided I would rip out the scarf and start on a different one... more or less a huge cosy cowl. So here is the pic of it!

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