Saturday, 15 September 2012

Alright! Im not really doing very well when it comes to keeping up with my blog :( Still have to work on that one.

Been workin gon my yarn still... some socks and mittens, and trying to figure out what to do with the random colours of left over yarn I have.

I am now up to two smaller hanks of my pink/white handspun yarn and working on a third... Im really starting to think Im going to wind up with up to six or more! Should be great if I do though... not entirely sure how much there is in the way of yardage since my nasty little gadget I bought just doesnt seem to want to work for me... I great detest that thing! My yarn scale however, just awesome!! So atleast I will know how many oz or grams I am working with... but I will have to figure out yardage the good old fashioned way... or, well... maybe this will be a great time to track down my calculator :)

The pair of socks I am working on, a surprise for someone, are turning out to be pretty cool! I did rip them back at least a half dozen times though... I think times of great boredom would be a good time to figure out how to work knew heels, not when Im trying to get something done... didnt work for me, so back to the tried and true heel flap :(
Although I do greatly dislike the heel flap... Don't get me wrong, it works great, I just dont like the fit it offers... I do greatly preffer the short row heel and toe above all.. something about simple things that make like so much more enjoyable :)
I will certainly share some pics of these socks when I am done, though they will have to wait until after Christmas...

The mittens I finished up yesterday... after a few moments of muttered curses under my breath.. and many days of arms tossed into the air in disgust.. I have finished them! I did have to shorten them and figure out a nice way to finish the tips, they have (aside from a few mistakes) turned out rather nicely... Once I finish weaving in ends and blocking them I will post pics of them.

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