Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So I have been busying my hands trying desperatly to make Christmas gifts for family/friends.. and there is a LOT of them :) And I'm really not sure I will even get a quarter of the way through them this year... a little disapointing, but atleast there is always next year!

Considering all the work I've been doing too, I have decided to treat myself to a new pair of socks as well... Been eyeing up a certain pattern for a while now and since I have a handful of sock yarn littering my home now, I am going to make them! I will certainly be posting a pic of them the further I get with them... I am so excited for new socks.. It is funny the things you just love and can't get enough of as you get older... I just love socks! Silly for sure, but still love socks :p

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