Saturday, 20 October 2012

DPN's VS 2 Circular Needles

Decided to take another stab at knitting two at a time socks using two circular needles... What a mouth full!!

Though I am really starting to enjoy getting both socks knit at the same time... meaning they will both get done at the same time and I wont have to knit the second sock!!

I am however, finding it to be insanely  fiddly compared to using dpn's. I'm sure this can be explained away though, since I did learn to knit socks using dpn's, and really, it didn't start out so well either. So, I will keep plugging away at this pair of socks until they are done before I make up a final decision on using two circular needles.

Though this will bring about a whole other serious debate... how well will it work with stranded colour work?? I do have to admit that the thought sort of scares me off a little....

Aside from all this yarn I have on the way, I have already planned out another project. Not that I enjoy being ridiculously cold, but I have kind of been looking forward to winter... you know, nice cosy pair of wool socks. Now I just love the pair I made myself last year, , but I really want another pair... The first pair was made out of 100% wool, meaning they have to be hand washed... and though this doesn't necessarily scare me off, but that wool just doesn't seem to have as much bounce/stretch to it as the merino wools I've been working with... So, I really have to dive in and make another pair. However, a few slight changes to the pattern are in order. I am thinking longer socks this time... I know, where on earth would I wear them? I don't know!! I just want them! Maybe I will just have to make a few pairs?

Well, I'm not all that sure what else to rant on about... so I'm off to work on these socks some more... struggle away with those circular needles lol.

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