Tuesday, 3 January 2012

~Christmas Prep~

Yes, I know.. Christmas is over for another year... but, I finally went out and bought myself some pretty decent ball ornaments. I was given six of them a number of years back as a gift.. I love them and still love them lol... They are the only ornaments I will not let anyone else touch. After all, there are only six of them... and no more where they came from :(
At least until now! I have 54 new ball ornaments all ready to cover! Trying to find just that perfect pattern is proving to be a great more difficult than I had first thought... Thankfully copying the already existing ornaments is turning out to be a lot easier than I had first though... Yay for me! I got one done and is pretty close to the original!
The colours however, are not even close to the same... I wound up having to buy gold (bleck!) and a bronze, slightly plum'ish (not so bad)... I bought white and cream crochet thread and figured I would try both... I have both shiny and matte ornaments and and seriously disliking the shiny ones... They are just too tacky for my taste... Thankfully though, they are turning out to be pretty cool... They just need a few finishing touches... I think :)

 This is one of the original ornaments... The colour is off in my picture, but they are a really nice matte green.. And wow.. my picture makes them look shiny :( Like I said, my picture quality is pathetic.. So until I manage to get better pics... please feel free to break out that imagination :)
And here is my replica! Yet again, break out that imagination and please pretend my picture of it is nicer than it looks! But for not having a pattern to go by, I think it turned out pretty good :) Mine is just missing some sort of ribbon or other embellishment.

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