Thursday, 26 January 2012

~ Mittens ~

Yay once again!!! I'm so happy my yarn is here...
Anyway, I started right away on another pair of mittens. These are the same, only diff colour, than ones I was posting about a couple of months back now.. I think they are turning out so awesome! A picture just doesn't do it any justice... Once they are finished though.. they will definitely be looking great!

This is the progress I've made so far....

This is what I got done yesterday... I'm kind of surprised I even got this far.. I really must be looking forward to the finished product.

 Here is after working on them this morning... which seems to be just the right time of day to get most of my knitting done :)

Jan. 29 / 2012... Poor picture, but here is what I've got finished so far. Only a few more rounds to go before I start the decreases. I am going to try something a little different from the first pair. I am going to shorten the length of the glove and the length of the thumb... and here is hoping it will work out just as great as I'm hoping it will.

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