Wednesday, 18 January 2012

~Just Another Day~

Not a whole lot has been going on with my knitting or crochet... What I should say is, that nothing new is really going on aside from running out of yarn just shy of finishing a pair of socks :(

Wound up losing two of my ornaments.. they met their end sadly just a night or two ago... My son's lovely teddy bear, that just happens to be twice his size, was being whisked away to bed time. Sending the poor helpless ornaments to their doom... Thankfully though, they both happen to be some very greatly unlike colours.. YAY!! Now I wont have to painstakingly finish those two... so I definitely have to finish these bad boys up so I can pack them away for the next 11 months.

Still working on my "Gardener" socks... almost there... just wish they  were finished already.

Trying desperately to get through the last of this yarn I have piled up for fingerless mittens.. almost done, but the horror of trying to get through the last 2-3 balls of it is something I don't look forward to. When I'm done with these ones, I will have a ball of some really interesting and colourful yarn to work with... I'm looking forward to it since I've never used this yarn before... and am looking forward to the new colours... Supersocke 100 is what is on the label... new to me at any rate.

And oh yes... I am too impatient. I know my yarn has only just entered the Canadian postal service... so it will be a few more days before I get it... And to make it worse, I will still be waiting for another box of yarn once I receive the first one!
The first box of yarn contains some much awaited yarn for two pairs of mittens.. both of which have been patiently awaited for by two very patient ladies... I promise you will get them!!! I am actually really looking forward to these two projects... I have so very much missed my colour work! This box also contains some elastic thread which I have been itching to get my hands on... Hopefully to fix the one problem I have with my knee-length or higher socks... damn things just wont stay up!  And I still have some yarn awaiting its use... Oh I can't wait!!! even more colour work!
Oh what else is in that box.... hmmm..... Oh Yeah!!! more sock yarn! Broke down and grabbed a sock yarn sample... four colours to choose from... So much to be excited about, I just can't wait! I know there are a few other goodies in there too... I just cant remember hahaha.
The second box has two balls of bulky weight yarn.. Hats!!! I plan to make HATS!!! As much as I have tried... I just don't like to make them.. None, not a single type of hat! Believe me, I have tried many times to do it... I just cant stand them enough to suffer through it... However, my daughter has been waiting for this damn hat since before Christmas... So, I promise to get this thing done before summer!!! I was also thinking of making one for me too... and oh wow will it be amazing when I get the first one done, simply because that would mean I got it done... but to get two done! That will be a day to celebrate lol.

So, once I have these patiently (as much of it as I can muster) awaited boxes get here, I will be so delightfully buried in projects for some time... yay to filling any, and by any I mean all, free time...

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