Friday, 6 January 2012

Great ideas, for some strange and bizarre reason, usually come around when you are already knee deep in whatever it is your doing... but thankfully, they do come around.

When buying all the things i needed to start working on my Christmas ornament project, I bough both white and off-white crochet thread... Now I wish I had bought to off-white rather than any white at all... With the right finishing touches, some of these will look grandly like something you would find tucked away secretly in the attic of an amazingly old house.. Don't get me wrong, they are not ugly by any means, they just have the delightful look to them..

I now also wish I had bought more ornaments... but I'm sure by next year I will find even more colours/styles to choose from... though I truly love the look of the matte copper ones. They are working up wonderfully with the off-white thread.. I will just have to look carefully for the right embellishments... oooo I cant wait. I will also upload some pictures once I'm done a few of them.. and even more when all the little details are in place!

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