Friday, 30 December 2011

~Gardener Socks~

OK, so not a whole lot of knitting happening over the holidays... I did manage to get a sock done just before Christmas.. and just started working on the other one a day or two ago... I really do need to learn to knit both socks at once. Then I would no longer have this annoying sense of "Ugh, not another". But hey, at least it will keep me busy! And of course, I forgot to charge my camera so this is the only picture I have of it so far.. I will add some more later on.. once that camera is ready to go!

Here is where I found this pattern:

I must say, because of where she has her inc rnds... this sock has a great fit! I will definitely incorporate this technique with some future sock patterns. And a great idea for some really pigeon toed kiddos I have! It is definitely worth making this pair even if its just to learn this style of heal increases..

~UPDATED~ 12/31/2011
One sock is all done.. currently getting close to half way done the second sock.. and I cant wait until I can wear them!
Once again I'm going to be kicking myself, as I always do, that I have yet to learn to knit both socks at the same time... I really do need to since I get so antsy about half way through the second sock..

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