Friday, 4 May 2012

Well, one green owlie sock done, one to go! I'm finding myself stuck between excited and rushed... expecting a box of yarn and some knitting books, hopefully the middle or end of next week.. So hopeful it will me the middle of the week rather than the end!

Either, I am excited.. once these owlie sock are done, I will be one step closer to being done with Christmas gifts! Yes, I know... thinking about Christmas in May..

Found a really cool recipe for a rustic jacket the other day... Reading through, the instructions look really easy to follow and allow lots of wiggle room when it comes to shaping. I'm also very excited to get to work on it... Will certainly make for a nice Autumn jacket... perhaps a bit of lining as well, and it will be just awesome! I will definitely have to get after my Dad with this project.. see if he will make me those buttons I've been after. I think toggle buttons would best suit this project. If you are curious about the buttons.. I will definitely be showing them off when I get them.. no sense in showing off what I may not get...  but lets cross our fingers anyway :) I will certainly be showing them off for all to see if I can get them!

So, aside from the excitement of my yarn/book parcel.. not a whole lot to tell about just yet.

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