Thursday, 17 May 2012

Alright... so these socks are not working out well... its all the sizing that has got me running around and on the verge of pulling out my hair!

My first go at it, they wound up too big, thankfully they will be easy to re do. The problem is trying to get the size and fit just right... and being that I can walk on over and grab the foot of the person they will belong to... my husband is patiently (as patiently as any man with no knitting desires goes) acting as Guinea pig...

The second attempt ended quite abruptly, when looking over my notes I noticed that I was now using a needle size larger than what my first attempt was butchered with... I was supposed to use a size smaller, or two sizes smaller than with my second attempt..

So, here I sit... at a slight impass... at least until I figure this out, and hopefully I get it figured out before my spindle gets here....

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