Thursday, 31 May 2012


As frustrated as I am... This is just too exciting!!

First, for the life of me, I can not find my video on spinning.. and it was so easy to follow and so great! So, off on the adventure on my own, I've begun spinning some yarn!

Started off with slightly fat old yarn.. figured it was OK since I was just starting.. quickly I was able to get close to a sport/fingering weight and continued like that for a bit... until I began hitting a snag. Not literally, but close enough... it was getting way too close to a lace weight!!! Yikes!!!!
I did manage to get that straightened out though... and managed to get my way through one little chunk of roving.. now I get to add more!!!

So, I'm not even done spinning a sliver of this roving and I think once I am done with it (and since I bought so much, I should have enough) I already have a plan for it... and know it will be really very appreciated.

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