Saturday, 23 July 2011

~Midnight Waves~


Needles: dpn's size 1/2.50mm
Gauge: 9sts and 11rows in 1inch.
Yarn: Knit Picks stroll sock yarn - Sapphire Heather
fingering weight
75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon
Midnight Waves:
Pattern: (Feather and Fan).
1. knit round.
2. knit round.
3. dpn#2 (k2tog) two times, k1, (yo, k1) five times, (k2tog) three times.
dpn#3 (k2tog) three times, (yo, k1) five times, k1, (k2tog) two times.
4. knit round.
Cuff:Using long tail cast on, cast on 64 sts.
1. Join and knit in the round for five rounds.
2. k2tog, yarn over; around.
3. Knit for five rounds.
4. Fold cuff over and knit around, joining the cast on edge together with the stitches on the needles. ***you can hide your tail inside the picot cuff if you like, I did this for less ends to weave in afterwards***5. Work "Feather and Fan" for four pattern repeats. (A total of 16 rounds).
Heel:You can work any heel you want. I worked the good old heel flap. If you choose to knit a short row heel, can just skip past the gusset decreases and just start knitting in the round, keeping the pattern on the instep sts only.
6. a.) Slip first stitch, knit across.
    b.) Slip first stitch, purl across.
Repeat both rows for a total of 20 rows!
**(more or less depending on your desired heel).
Turning Heel:

1. Knit across 20 sts, ssk, k1, turn.
2. Slip first stitch, p12, p2tog, p1, turn.
*continue this way until you have 20sts remaining on your needle, ending with a purl side row.*
Working Gusset:

1. Slip first st and k9sts.
2. With new needle, (DPN#1) k the remaining 10sts of heel. Pick-up 10sts in the slipped sts of the heel flap. Pick-up two more sts between heel flap and instep sts (this closes any gaps that might happen otherwise).
**Begin working "Feather and Fan" on instep.

3. (DPN#2) knit all sts (rnd1 of patt).
    (DPN#3) knit all sts (rnd 1 of patt).
4. (DPN#4) Pick-up two sts (to close gap), then pick-up your 10sts from slipped stitches of heel flap. Knit 10sts. (**the beginning of your round will be the centre of your heel)
**NOTE: work front and back of the leg the same.**

DPN#1 Knit to last 3sts, k2tog, k1.
DPN#2-3 Knit all instep sts.
DPN#4 K1, ssk, k to the end.
DPN#1 Knit all sts.
DPN#2-3 work rnd three of pattern.
DPN#4 Knit all sts.
***Continue in this manner, dec every second round until you have a total of 64 sts***Foot:Continue working your feather and fan pattern on the instep sts (dpn's#2-3) and in st st over sole of foot (dpn's#1&4).
**I only work 12 more pattern repeats before the toe.
Toe Decreases:

Rnds 1,4,7,9,11: dpn#1 knit to last 3sts and k2tog, k1. dpn#2 k1, ssk knit to the end. dpn#3 knit to the last 3sts, k2tog, k1. dpn#4 k1, ssk, knit to the end.
Rnds 2,3,5,6,8,10: knit all sts.
Rnd 12 and all remaining rounds: same as rnd1 until you have a total of 16sts remaining.
Break yarn and graft toe.
Finishing:Weave in all your lose ends, block if desired, and wear them proudly :)


Been trying for quite a while to make a pair of socks for my daughter.. up until now I've failed miserably. They were either too big or it just wasn't working... the pattern didn't quite work with the colour... So here, i find myself working gone these... first picot edge cuff and oodles of waves. Still working out the pattern as i go... if I'm lucky i will be able to get a second pair out of the other ball of this yarn. So between the two pairs one pair will definitely fit her and I will be able to work out the kinds in the pattern. I will post it here once I'm finished.

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