Tuesday, 5 July 2011

~Hat's & Bread, together at last~

 Well.. finally finished this one... what was supposed to be a quick one sitter project.. well, it turned into a few days. In all though, its finished, THANK GOODNESS.. I was getting pretty sick of it.
Still planning on making a pair of mittens and maybe a scarf to go with it. Should prove interesting at the very least.
And yeah, I know its not knitted... But hey, gotta say I'm quite please with myself on this one. A few failed attempts, but finally a tasty loaf of sour dough bread.. mmm mmm mmmmm... and it was yummy too :p
Started out with a home made sour dough starter.. not as easy as it sounds, especially not when you continually forget about it :( A few websites later, a few hours of reading tips and tricks.. but in all, definitely worth the time and effort.

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