Sunday, 17 July 2011

~gone to the birds~

No pics yet... at least none to get excited about. Ive got a plan in the works for a pair of knee high socks. Having a little trouble with finding the right yarn though... looks like i might have to settle for the "hand wash only", for now. At least until I find another trusted and greatly loved yarn supplier.

Anyway, to the plan at hand... think birds, lots of birds. Well, at least enough to cover your legs in delightful little chirping balls of feathers.. balls of feathers that resemble birds... oh, and twigs, leaves and a few flowers here and there just for an added tough of something....

... hmmm...

Well, Ive already got my chart drawn up and hopefully as perfected in stitches as it is in my brain.. and on paper.

Colour though, just a few days left to decide on just the right eye catching and most delightfully perfect shade of... well... perfect! Yup, perfect... its what they will be once the right colour is picked... so, no more ranting for me, I'm off to scour over oodles of colour.

Wish me luck :)

Well, I'm as excited as a nutter freshly escaped from a padded room... I ordered my yarn and its on its way! Soon as it gets here I can start my socks, YAY!!!

Ok, I finally got my yarn, it felt like forever, but it finally arrived!
Started out working away like mad, I really did try to get at least one of the socks done within a week... but that didn't work out as planned. And of course, like a fool, I waited until I was almost ready to start the heel on the first sock before trying it on. So, once I wised up and tried it on, I found that my stitches were too tight and pulled apart! I was crushed and ready to lose it... I just could not figure out what I did wrong.. Until.... I looked back at the first pair of socks.. they are the same guage, same needle size and same yarn (atleast weight/brand).
So what on earth could have caused this...
Well, it didn't take long to figure it out.. Only about a week! Duh... I decided to only carry my yarn over three stitches, no more... well, on the first pair I pushed it to 5 stitches as much as possible! So I've decided this has got to be the reason...
AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! */rips out some hair*
So in the end, I'm going to rip them back to the cuff and begin again! Being overly generous with my floats just like the first pair... and well maybe losen up my tension... oh, and TRY THEM ON frequently!!!
I will deffinatly post some pictures once I'm done, they really are worth the effort, they look great, even though they dont fit lol.

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