Wednesday, 27 July 2011

~Lots of work do to~

Well, not quite starting to feel swamped, thank goodness! But, I've got loads of work to do.. still working on mittens and now a bundle of socks and fingerless mittens, yay!
Wasn't feeling like I was making much progress till I started seeing results, and boy does it feel good to be able to see some results!

Pretty excited too, though I don't know why because I don't know how to spin yarn, but just dying to try it. I just watched a few videos on spinning cotton.. one technique they've use in Ecuador and its so simple! They do it by hand which I'm sure takes a lot of practice to get the hang of but they don't use much in the way of equipment... which is why i call it simple lol. The other the lady just simply brushed the cotton away from the seed in a circular process and just simply grafted each piece spinning the out in a circle away from the seed! So much simpler than I thought it was...

I just have to try this for myself. So, perhaps one day I will have to get my hands on a spinning wheel!

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