Thursday, 8 March 2012


Why on earth is it that when you start something with such grand and amazing ideas, it all turns out to be a failure :(

I decided to whip out my bag of sock yarn and make myself a pair of socks... After tirelessly searching all over the net to find this pattern (recently got a new comp, YAY!! Love you hun!, I had removed everything off my old comp) I no longer had all those patterns at my fingertips. I figure I would be able to find it just as easily as I had in the first place... But in the end I wound up having to dig through a stack of disc's.. And voila!! I was ready to go, save for the colour choice. Green, green, and more green!!! I decided on Aurora Heather-Stroll from KnitPicks... Yes, it is a gorgeous green, real it is!! But don't let the name fool you... My sock began to look more and more masculine :( And as it turns out... I started my cuff a few cm too soon! Anyway, since I have two balls of each colour, I am going to rip them out (only got one sock on the go, thank you to my only knitting one sock at a time lol), and make a pair for my hubby. He is definitely deserving of a pair of handmade socks.
I have made him a few pairs in the past, when I was still learning how to make them (lol) and the didn't wear as well as the should have... they only lasted him about a week and a half!!! Well, that put me off making sock for him ever again... Sounds mean :( But I wasn't about to go through that much effort just for his monstrous feet to pulverise them before they went through their first wash.. Well, as time went on and my skill improved... and several Christmas' later.. I bought him a pair of slippers which wound up being a size too small!!! Can you believe it!? How, after this long, could I have messed up on the size of his feet?? Apparently he is not a size11 (at least with that brand), I wound up having to take them back and get him a size12!!!! So after all this time, I had knit his socks to be just short enough to cause the total and imminent destruction!!! Oh for Pete sakes anyway! What a facepalm moment I had myself that day... Ugh.
So now, here I sit, ready to tear out this sock and set the yarn aside until I can figure out a totally rocking and manly sort of design (I'm no good at this).

I did come up with a really neat idea though (for my own socks).. and I finally wound up with two balls of Stroll-Tidepool Heather by KnitPicks... I've so very much wanted me some of that colour! Its not entirely feminine, but Ive kinda had a rough and tumble idea of what feminine is... I'm not a pink and posies kinda gal... If you cant run around wildly through the woods and over the hills in it, its not worth wearing.. (at least not for me lol).
These will have a feminine sort of design though, but will be set off a bit by the colour. So long as the work out... Ive drawn up the idea (vague little sketch), and got the toe done and ready to go. Though with my track record of not wanting to test my ideas out before I grab hold of my desired yarn... I have slowly been adopting the life line method... so, before I start on the pattern, I am going to put in a life line just for that dreaded ripping out of my work... Have been in this jam way too many times not to wise up.

Well, Ive managed to struggle here long enough with a kid too big for my lap, that I have drawn a blank as to what I was going to type out... As my brother would say.. "Error 401".

I will post some pics as I go.

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