Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ok, so I can't continue working on my shawl since I need to run out and buy different needles :( Straights can only get you so far...

So, I decided to kick my laziness out the door and pick up my other sock... got myself to 5rows short of finishing my cuff and low and behold!!!! I used the wrong size needles!!!!! Oh the horror! I had to rip it all out and start over.. needles to say my laziness has grabbed hold again and isn't letting go so easily... still determined though, they will be so awesome when there are two and not just one!

And sadly, was not able to go get me the yarn I need for the mittens I need to make. Hopefully by the end of the week (crossed fingers) I will be able to get the yarn for one pair of mittens and the right size circ.needles to finish my shawl... yet another reason to buy my most desired circ.needle set... I just have to have them, so I'm going to splurge and get them soon as i can afford them... and yes, they are stupidly expensive :p

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