Monday, 18 April 2011

my selbudeath socks

Ive been itching to try this pattern for around a year now, just never had the yarn available until now.. I just LOVE this pattern, love at first sight even... sadly for me, I didn't create the pattern myself... but so very happy the gal who did, chose to share it.. here's the link to the original pattern:

I had originally wanted to knit them toe up. Ever since I learned how to knit a short row toe and heel, I just fell in love with the simplicity and look of it... but, since the original pattern is cuff down it presented a few challenges... and not having done any colour work before (save for an adorable yet failed mitten), I have scrapped the project for a later date/time and started cuff down. 
Here they are (toe-up) looking mighty fine, until.....

Ah crap, my stitches are pulling too much around the heel... I know it's not because I started them toe up, I worked the calculations over a dozen times to get the right amount of stitches added and even re-designed the sole to work with a toe up sock... however, I used smaller needles than requested in the pattern. So, (even though after understanding the faults in my design.. ie: my needles were too small!!!) I have decided this go, to just follow the pattern like a proper and good little knitter just to get the hang of the colour work and structure of the pattern. One day, I will have my to up socks of death! Or as my oldest boy calls them, "Mom's pirate socks".

And, well, here it is... I say "it" simply because it is all alone still.. slightly unfinished and without a mate... But you get the idea.. it worked! YIPPEE!! Well, at least this far.. I will post another pic of the finished sock, and without doubt, its mate... cause man these will be the sexiest winter socks ever! Oh, and lets not forget warm too :)

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