Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dude Sweater

May 2013

Yarn showed up...
I told my Husband, "Hey, your sweater arrived!!".
He wasn't as impressed as I was :)

As for the pattern, I have to give credit where it is due, so here is a link to the pattern.
Started work on the back of the sweater right away.
Finished the two front pieces in June and started the sleeves in July.
And yes, what a handful they were.. next time I may re-think the "two at a time" sleeves. Though getting them both done and not having to go back and knit the second one was rather sweet.

Main pieces are done and ready to seam.
Had to knit the front facings.. forgot about those!
Front facings are done and being grafted to the sweater fronts.
 Both facings are done!
I was rather scared of all the seaming/grafting that has to be done, but I do think I did rather well for my second attempt ever... first sweater was a bit of a disaster and has been hiding away in storage...
 Side seam.. everything is matching up.
And last but not least so far... the inside seam, nice and tidy!!

And it's done!!
Sorry about the picture, was trying to sneak around and catch him unaware..

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