Thursday, 30 May 2013

With everything that has been going I've had the hardest time getting any knitting done... apparently it's not helping de-stress.. I have however taken to the outdoors a little here and there. Not something I usually do in town (I'm a country girl at a heart, what can I say).. but this year is my second year with gardening and since I spent the time expanding my little dirt patch, I figured I ought to tend to it here and there.
I had gotten a little over zealous and planted the entire seed packet on, well.. everything!! Now I have to go through and spread everything out! Honestly, I didn't have any faith in anything I had planted.. and it would seem that everything has sprouted!! Good thing though, because I will have a lot of home made pickles.. mmmm... And my potato plants have decided to grow sideways, and here I thought they were not going to grow at all lol... surprise!! They've made a meter away from where they were planted..
Anyway, aside from a very full and happily growing garden (and who said it's too early to start growing in the interior of BC?) I suppose at some point I ought to get some knitting done...

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