Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Latest Adventures in Yarn

OK... in the process of getting use to my spinning wheel, I did figure out a few more little helpful tricks.. like not letting it spin the bobbin backwards on me ever time I stop the spinning.. that was getting annoying! Thankfully though, that little bug has been worked out.
Another one is letting it rest on the bobbin a few days before I unwind and make a skein out of it. It would appear it relaxes a bit and doesn't let it tangle and wind in on itself... Thank you!!! Not sure if that is the typical way of doing it, but oh wow is it helpful.. especially when your singles are spun too tightly! Still doing that and trying to get into the spin of things.. lol..
I did wind up with a large freezer bag mostly full of the wendslydale... As well as a great deal of learned tid bits here and there..
What I do know... I need to get some wool combs. Which kinda scares me due to the price.. but when in doubt, make your own right?! Thankfully I did come across the best little tutorial on how to make some.. and honestly, they look just as nice as those really expensive ones I've had my eye on.. Now just to find someone with the tools needed, because lets face it, I don't have them!
I have also decided that that is where my problem and hang up right now is.. seems to be what is standing in the way of making a better and prettier to look at yarn.. and I do like pretty yarn.. After all, that is what draws you into a yarn in the first place isn't it? You see it.. either it draws you in, or you go "Ewww", and move on... And well, I need to get past that "Eww" spot.. cause I DON'T like itchy yarn and I know I can work past that and make it far less itchy. It can be done, and I WILL do it! Just need a few more tools first hahaha!

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