Friday, 5 April 2013

Holy wow!!! Decided after a rough morning I would splurge and buy some alpaca yarn.. but oh boy is it ever hard to not buy up the whole store hahaha...
So, after spending a pretty penny on 3 skeins of alpaca.. yes three.. because I just DON'T do one skein projects.. Not because I don't like them, but because I just cant make anything that small that I want. One day I'm sure I will go back on that, but for now, I want enough to do something huge and awe inspiring... OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I just cant buy one skein of anything!! I'm a yarn hog OK!

Anyway, I decided on a really nice shawl/wrap to wear with a dress I just finished (minus the buttons of course).. This dress was made solely to go with a pair of boots, so ya, I'm a bit nuts. But at least I'm smiling. A shawl will be nice anyway, especially since this dress is sleeveless.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to find out that my hand carders and wool were on their way.. I was getting a bit panicked since it was already taking so long... so, after getting off the phone with them, it shows up!! What odds eh... too funny.

Which brings me to my next endeavour. I wasn't sure if I had wanted to dye the wool or not.. and I guess I should start off with adding that it is a wensleydale... and did I mention I'm really excited?! So, to dye or not.. I think yes! Not sure how this will turn out, but considering my last few attempts at it, and having it work out well, it should be fun.
So, here I sit typing away when I really should get back in there and start the process... and yes, I will keep you posted!

OK... my red is not so red :(
Aside from my very bright magenta/pinkish red... there is yellow/orange, purple, green and a really nice blue (at least while sitting in the dye bath). That aside... I figure I will give it a while longer to do what it needs to do... Oh wow do I hope it works. Fingers crossed.

Just a few pics so far...
Top picture left to right: Purple, Blue, Orange/Yellow, Green.
The rest of the pictures... not exactly red, but it will do nicely :)

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