Monday, 8 April 2013

Hand Carders & Rolags

OK... I'm sure that I'm not doing it just right, but the idea has been gotten and well, here we go. First go at using hand carder, ever!

A bit blurry, but getting there...

And wow... that didn't turn out quite like it should. But seriously, first attempt at making a rolag ever!! Give me a break.. at least for now hahaha.

Better!! Definitely getting there.. thank you knitting needle of greater size, you have helped me achieve a much prettier rolag.

Here is my first box of rolags... and well, they kind of out grew it.

So, I found a bigger box!!! And well, I have decided to start spinning.. and being the first time at spinning from a rolag.. ugh, que the swearing I'm sure. I will definitely post a pic of that yarn.. even if it's shameful and embarrassing hahaha.

And this is what I have left over! Depending on how the spinning turns out and how much yarn I manage to get from it.. I may just have to do a little something different with this batch.

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