Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Just thought I would share a few things I've finished off since the last post... seriously not good at keeping up with this blog at all!

First of is some yarn... finally!! It feels like forever until you hang it up to dry... OK, maybe weeks. But really really happy it's done.. and still have my yellow/orange to finish too!

Next is a baby blanket, that I swore a blue streak that I would never make again... but I really wanted to make something both beautiful and special for my cousin. She just had her very first baby.. Congrats to her!! So excited for her!

And finally, a really pretty scarf/cowl... Just had to take a look at the knitting magazines the last time I was at the store, and found that pattern. Very cute/pretty and just had to make it... had some extra cotton yarn that I needed to use.. don't think I like cotton socks.. but hey, made a really cute scarf/cowl!

I wound up with 177yards and 95.5grams.

This was a gift for a cousin who had her very fist baby.

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