Friday, 15 March 2013

I haven't been on my blog in a few days.. mainly because I don't have any finished projects to show off and really don't know what to say...

Been in between projects the past month.. My brilliant kitty decided, after not playing with yarn for months, that he just had to and I wound up keeping a close eye on him for a little over a week... Trying to get a cat to pass yarn is one of the least desirable things I've had to do as of late. Thankfully though, after he went through about 3meters of yarn, he bounced right back and is one happy and frisky kitty. So happy he is OK... but really have to keep track of my yarn now.. Poor guy anyway.

Now, I sit... tossing around a few sock ideas that never get anywhere... I think I'm just going to have to leave it for a while. The more I try to get it figured out, the harder it is to get any ideas going. While I take a break from it, I've been working on a sweater for my daughter. It really was supposed to be a test run for myself before I run out and buy or spin yarn for it.. but she really liked the colour, and me, well lets just say I'd rather not hahaha. So it has turned into hers. Might just be done in time for spring, but the added length to the body and sleeves should be OK even by fall. Either way, she is excited about it, and I'm sure she will wear it till its busting apart or unravelling.

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