Friday, 7 October 2011

~A little something new~

Well, I've finally done it... I've finished up some work I had for someone and I've got all the time in the world to work on something for me. As exciting as that is, I have to admit I, in some bizarre way, miss the feeling of "need to finish so and so's stuff". But, I do need to get these socks done. Ive had the yarn sitting around for two months now and pulled out all the work I had done. Getting them done would be great, not only will I have another pair of socks for winter, but I will be able to order some more yarn... and oh how nice that will be... I will be getting my set of interchangeable needles here soon enough... which means I will also be able to finish my shawl... gotta love kids and stubby short straight needles... neither of which go well together. Every time I turn around my kids are pulling the needles out of my work... losing stitches here and there all over the place... so my once great start to a shawl is now a work in progress... greatly in need of tearing out and starting over... It will be great to get that finished up too. Looking forward to that.
However, as much in love with knitted socks that I am... I really very greatly want, is a most perfect cardigan... but I've yet to find just the right pattern to start work on. There is one, fell in love with it in the beginning... some cables, not too few, not too many.. Just not sure though if it's "the one". Silly I know, but if it's not even close to being that awesome, I will never wear it and be further discouraged in ever finding and making the most awesome and splendiferous cardigan ever! I would be one sad knitter then :(
Though there is still some light... a bit of hope one might say... I've got my eye on a program that, with a little thought here and there, will aid in the construction of any sort of sweater... With this my creativity is once again thrown into overdrive... the idea's and inspiration are endless.. Not only will I be able to pick and choose the type I want, but the sleeve style and so on. Oh the happy thoughts my little creative brain is flooded with.... But still, one more dilemma... yarn! What fibre, what colour??? More info for my poor over.. well, perhaps more like under worked imagination to chew on. I never can get past autumn colours for myself.. a few richly coloured berries, richly coloured leaves, the earth... ah such sweet sweet perfection! I am definitely not much of a summer, spring or winter kinda gal... one could say I'm doomed to a muddy palette.. but look at the endless possibilities... what to do, what to do....
Well, one thing is for sure, I still have my socks to finish up, and my shawl... so there will be plenty of time to figure this out.... or perhaps even longer to chew around the details...

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