Tuesday, 20 September 2011

~No news is good news?~

Well, I don't really know about no news being good news... it certainly does make for a very boring afternoon.
I'm terrible at coming up with something awesome and awe inspiring everyday... sadly, I know, but it's true. So I have neglected my poor sad little blog.. at least until this little rant. I did however manage to get a pair of socks done, oodles of fingerless mitts.. and so so sooo very close to finished the three pairs of mitts... on my last pair. Just have the left hand mitt and the thumb to finish on the right hand mitt. After that, only an hour or so left to finish those puppies off for good... yay to finishing touches. I also finally went back to tried to make myself a finished pair of socks from my very first sock pattern. Happily I got one of the socks done.. I have the other to do still.. but I have decided to finish my other projects before I make anything for myself... Ive got a few people waiting on some goodies still, so I have to get that done first... My poor bird socks will still have to wait :(

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