Sunday, 5 July 2015

Table Runner

I know what you might be thinking... This has nothing to do with knit or crochet, and you are kind of right. At least so far. Plan is to join each peace using circle motifs and edging. Now here's hoping that it doesn't turn into another botched project... Cause I'm getting sick of those hahaha.

 This is what I started with. Size 10 crochet cotton and some left overs from a curtain project a few years ago. These pieces actually came from the bottom part of a friends curtains. One of the perks of hemming curtains, you're free to keep the trimmings and finally I found a project to use them up.
 I drew up a quick pattern. Basically a rectangle with quarter circles cut out of the corners. Plus steam allowance.
 Sew around all edges leaving a small hole.
 First make sure to clip off corners and snip tiny notches on the curved edges.
 Turn them right side out.
 Iron each piece.
At this point you will want to sew up the time hole you left. I am rather lazy when it comes to that so I simply did two rows stitching.

.... And that's as far as I've gotten. I will have to add photos as I go. Like I said.. Here's hoping it doesn't turn into a total bust and never get finished.

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