Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Icelandic Star cardigan

Rather excited to have found a pattern that will will work with the yarn I've been spinning. Really really excited even. Though I'm not as excited about the red... I'm thinking a nice green and bare yarn instead of the blue. Keeping the yellow and maybe..... Well I'm not really sure what colour to use in place of the Grey.

I just finished the math and though it is a little disheartening, I'm still very excited about this project. I currently have approximately 589.14 yards and if that number is correct, I will need another 827.86 yards of yarn. Guess I better get carding and spinning!

 It's a tight fit but it's all I've got. Really excited now that I have all the yarn finished for my main colour!

I've decided on Teal! The other colours...those are still a little undecided. When it's all said and done I'm sure it will turn out.

So here it is in all it's Teal glory! I say this for a few simple yet very intriguing reason's. Though my intention was to have 100% colour saturation, this is the final result. Tiny spots of bare yarn poke through here and there. Some strands are richer in colour, where others have a combination of light and dark that are so varied.

My first worry however was that the colour itself would be too light and too blue. Which is why I added more dye than I normally would have. Did I mean for it to end up exactly this way with such varied degrees in colour? Not even slightly! Do I like how it turned out? Absolutely!!

Honestly, before I even finished rinsing it I had fallen for the colour. Hahaha I know. I'm getting a little yarn crazy here. I even started to really like the colour variations.

I just can't get a decent pic... Anyway, this one will have to do.

Second colour down and two more to go. Lilac will be replacing the grey in the original pattern.

 And my yellow is done! More orange yellow but looks good.

 And pink!!

Up until this point I have been so excited about how my yarn was turning out...and then....

... I started knitting my sweater.

I have no idea why my brain didn't put it together... Easter!!! Gah!!! Why did I do this to myself!?

Sure the colours go together rather lovely...but why!? I'm a little too old for this Easter sweater thing....

After all this work and it turning into an array of Easter wool... I want to cry!!!

So..as of last night I have decided I just can't continue with this sweater... At least not with these colours. I've decided that I'm going to put it off until I spin (yes...I'm going to go through all of that again) more yarn...and use dye that is much earthier than the Easter colours I wound up with this time.

As for this Easter yarn...I'm going to knit up a really cute little jacket with lining and maybe a hood... At least that's the plan right now.

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