Friday, 28 February 2014

Aside from mittens and scarves for kids, not a lot has been getting done.
I have taken a bit of a break from my spinning to finish a pair of socks for my daughter. Poor girl has been waiting since before Christmas for these socks! Not to mention the pattern has been in the works as well.
Now that they are done and being used rather thoroughly I have had some time to start another pair and finish up the pattern as well. And I am so excited about these socks!! I keep wanting to share pictures of them every chance I get but I don't want to spoil the excitement before I can get the pattern finished. Which I will put up for sale on Ravelry as soon as I can.

Also excited about an order I put it for a small handful of needles. As soon as they show up, which hopefully will be early next week, I will be able to get back to work on a sweater for one of my boys. Once that is done I will most certainly have to get to work on a second one in order to keep the other from being jealous... though the choice in colour is not only changing constantly but rather interesting as well.
I will certainly post some pictures of the sweater when it's finished. As well as some very basic instructions.

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