Friday, 12 July 2013

Corriedale, Merino/Tussah Silk, Southdown

From left to right: Corriedale, Merino/Tussah Silk, Southdown.

And I can't believe how quick I got it!! Not even a week.. and it's here, ready to spin!! Not sure that I will dye anything this round, I'm still not too sure though. I would really like to play around with some dye, but I am down to three colours I just don't want to use.
I suppose though, that if I'm really itching to dye anything, maybe I will wait until I'm done with my spinning.


So far so good, though I think I'm going to need to ease up a little on the amount of twist I'm putting into my yarn. I did not quite manage a very balanced yarn, enough so that it is easier to knit with than not.
I have to say, I really love the amount of spring and bounce this fleece has and really do hope I have enough left over from these socks to be able to play with a bit of colour. I wound up ordering a bundle of new dye and I'm way too excited about cracking it open.
At this point I have managed five humble hanks of yarn and as usual I thought I would have enough yarn to knit a pair of winter socks for my Husband... sadly, I think I may have to return to my spinning (which I can't say I'm disappointed by). If I do have to spin more, I will have to keep it as close to the first five hanks of yarn, which means I will have to over spin this new batch as well.. Next time though, I will have to work on that.


Toes!! That's it, that's all I have so far.. took a break to finish a sweater that I've been working on for my Husband. Decided it was time to get it done. After that, I will pick this project up again.


Ok, so the socks have been scrapped since one of my little guys needs mitts more than their Dad needs socks!

Added some drops of Aztec Gold to both sides... Silly kid couldn't decide on white, red, or yellow.. So, white and yellow/gold'ish it is!!!

I can't wait to get these done! Not only because it's getting to be mitten weather out there, but they are going to be one of a kind and this little guy was so excited to pick the colour!

 Merino/Tussah Silk Blend

100grams of delightfully smooshie soft goodness!!

My dye showed up this morning and honestly, I've been itching like mad to use them!

I've also been toying with the idea of a rainbow effect with this one in particular.

 I zig zagged the sliver back and forth filling my soon to be retired casserole dish (just found out that the slight crack in it has now become a weak point.. I'm saddened a little over this).

Covered it with enough water just to cover, smooshed the water into it a little bit, topped it off with a little more water and about 1/2cup of vinegar (I'm sure this was a little over kill though).

Mixed my dye, primary and secondary colours, and poured it across in lines (at a 90* angle from how I zig zagged the sliver). Only using about 1/4cup of each colour.

This is the result...

 After sitting in the oven at a very low temp. (150*F and I'm sure a lot of people will say this is way too hot) until the dye water was completely clear I wound up with what looks like a very colourful small intestine :p

 This is what it looks like fluffed up a bit to help it dry faster... because really, patience is not one of my strongest points :p

Here's hoping, but very doubtful, that it will be dry enough by tomorrow to spin!!!


Time to spin!!


Finished my singles the other day and decided that a 2ply is the way to go. As well, I need to free up some bobbins for this fleece I just bought.
Too many things I'd like to do and not enough time or bobbins!

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