Saturday, 26 January 2013

Alright, I did it! Finally successfully dyed some yarn.. at least that is what this yarn is leading me to believe...
Here are some pics..

MmmmHmmm... looks so gross!!
So, reading through this really awesome new book I just bought.. I came across a method using soda ash.. well fancy that! I just so happened to have some in a tie dye kit hiding out under my sink.. Figured why not? So here it sits, soaking in the dye bath.. gotta love getting an extra crock pot a while ago too!

Here it is out to dry... very dark! Kinda scared me some too.. but OK, my fault, I added too much maybe? Let it sit too long? Either way, this is what I now have to work with.

On the left is that green/blue I talked about at an earlier date.. love it!
On the right is my latest greatest try at dyeing some wool.. and as ugly as I thought it was going to be... you can see below it is kind of turning out rather nice! Not sure how nicely it will knit up (colour wise), but I do love the variation is colour!

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