Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Navajo plying with my drop spindle

Oh wow am I good! Well OK, not so modest, but without doubt very good...
I decided, especially since I swear more than a road raging trucker during rush hour while trying desperately to ply using a spindle, that I ought to learn to ply using the Navajo method.

Alright, distractions... I figured why on earth not right?? Well after watching a few videos on line.. I decided I would give it a go. I had already been working on some lace yarn, but since I have done that so much lately, I unwound what I had and started off with a good dose of swearing and a handful of yarn...

My brain isn't putting this all down all too well right now.. so here are a few pics of what Ive done so far.

**I should note that I plied my yarn while spinning, I did not go back and ply it after the spinning was finished.**
You may need to fudge around a little to figure out the beginning loop, it's been a while since I've used my hand spindle (spinning wheel yay! too much fun) and can't remember well enough to explain just yet. I will try to figure that out some time, and maybe get gutsy enough to make a video tutorial.

You do need to start with a loop in order for this to work. Once you have that loop, don't lose it! You will need it in order to keep pulling up a new loop each time.

Once your loop is long and looks like it does in the picture to the left, spin your spindle in the opposite direction that you had originally spun your yarn.

Don't worry if you goof, I've done it plenty... Just un-spin and re-spin the proper direction.

And this is what it should look like! (pictures below show it better).

Now, while keeping track of your look, wind your plied yarn around your spindle (I do two double hitch knots in order to keep my loop and plied yarn snug, I don't want them to un wind or loosen on me here).

When everything is in order and you are ready to start again. You spin your spindle in the original direction, draft out some yarn and spin it a little more snuggly than you would normally (now is a good time for over spinners to relax and enjoy that they can get away with a little extra twist in their single).

Once you have a workable length (enough that you are comfortable with), gently pull your single through the loop, even it out and spin in the opposite direction.

And now, simply start it all over again, and soon enough, all your yarn will be spun and plied!
Just sharing a few more pics of this yarn.. and one of my daughters. I finally decided to break down and try teaching her to spin.. Not only is she spinning, but I've got her learning the Navajo plying method.. not too bad for her first go (her yarn is the white :) ).

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