Monday, 25 June 2012

~It's been so long...~

Ah well... now that my bad week is over, and the many lazy weeks in between.. here is hoping I will get a little more attention directed to my blog..

Been working on a cardigan for myself... one sleeve left to go!!
Also got more going on with my spinning... keep looking at what I have and wonder if I should keep going, or just call it quits with what I have... Im leaning towards keeping up with the work Im doing. I find it so hard to just quit when there is so much more yarn to spin.. the possibilities!! Wonder if I should try to dye it with carrots or coffee??? I find I have an abundance of both and neither will be missed so greatly... so, what to choose??
Decided, since my latest spinning endevor has brought about a very fine thread, to just keep going with it rather than trying to make more to go with the first two batches... so, I made a really awesome cowl that I will treat myself to come winter time.. pics to follow so dont get antsy yet :)
Finished up the socks for my father-in-law and have the BEST idea for my Dad's socks! I will post a string of these pics nearer to the end of dec... I know, its a long time to wait... I dont even know if I can help myself from posting pics as I go.... anyway, just a little teaser about them.. it will bring some childhood to the present :) Memories, as far as Im concerned, are something to be treasured.. after all, they have proven time and again to make the best stories to share with family/friends. I know he will love them... perhaps enough to get msity eyed?
As for my hubby... his will be green ( I say this freely on my blog and anywhere knit related, as he is all "whatever makes you happy.. enjoy".. so I know he wont find out lol), as for design... Im not sure if he would be delighted to get cables or just plain old st st... hmmm... try to find something manly I suppose....

And aside from that.. I think there will be a pair of delightful fingerless gloves in the works.. a soft and cozy angora I believe.. a nice little something.

Still not sure what on earth to make for my Mom though :(  I want to make her something she can wear and show off.. some little treasure she can brag about time and again... a pretty scarf maybe?

Well, there is more now... but here is my little thread Ive been working on... yes I know. Doesnt look that skinny... but it is good enough for my third go at spinning :)

 And well, this is the latest pic of my cardigan right now... it only needs one more sleeve now.

And ok, so this radish is not exactly knit... but it is the first thing I have pulled out of my garden so far!!! Very exciting.. this poor little guy was the only thing in my garden for the longest time... still sparse, but there are at least a dozen or two more radish and a bunch of carrots... and here is hoping my pea's will grow!!

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